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 Ưu điểm: Zir series mài inox

A sanding belt using ceramic abrasive grain. Because the shape is sharp, the sharpness is not ruined after light grinding. 
Due to the abrasive grains fine crystallization structure, smashing of the grain is less likely caused by the autogenous edge effect. The grinding strength is stronger than the ordinary aluminum abrasive grain (long life). Suited for stainless steel, titan alloy and difficult grinding material

Ứng dụng 
Abrasive grain SG
Backing Highly strong cloth
Adhesive R/R
Thông số kỹ thuật
  Grid Quantity per box
Type Size (mm) 40 60 80 100 120 Small box Large Box
SGXB-GT-AM-DS 10x330 O O O O O 50 200
SGXB-GT-AM-DS 12x330 O O O O O 50 200
SGXB-GT-DS 20x520 O O O O O 20 200


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