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Máy mài mài đánh bóng, bề mặt SE PQ 14-2 125 Set | CHLB Đức

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 Ưu điểm

  • VR electronic control: stepless speed selection, tachogenerator-controlled constant speed, overload protection, re-start inhibit and temperature monitoring.
  • Powerful 1400 watt motor with highly-efficient ventilator for optimum cooling
  • Optimised air ducting for optimum cooling of motor and gear. No annoying exhaust air for the user
  • Innovative combination of planetary and angular gears reduces noise to an absolute minimum
  • Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface. The machine can therefore be operated safely in any position.
  • Grip hood: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The machine can be controlled with precision and is always comfortable yet secure to hold.
  • Completely cast electronic components prevents damage due to metal dust. Protective guard on the winding end of the armature and plated winding on the armature. The 3-fold winding protection reduces motor wear, increases service life.
  • Epoxy-coated winding on the field coil
  • Guard with pivoting edge segment
  • Genuine operation thanks to conveniently placed and dust-protected on/off switch
  • 4 metres PUR H07-BQF cable: wear-resistant, flexible and highly resistant to cuts and abrasions
  • Spindle lock
  • Sanding specialist for refurbishing, renovating, modernising, processing stainless steel, metal, natural/artificial stone, wood surfaces, painted surfaces


Prices: 27.000.000 VNĐ

           : 30.500.000 VNĐ

Giá bao gồm   
1 guard hood SG D125 SE  
1 Adapter SAD-C D32 AS  
1 auxiliary handle SE 14-2 125 M8  
1 velcro sanding pad SP D125-8 H/F  
1 carry case TK-L BoB-2  
1 case insert TKE SE 14-2 125  
4 sheets of sandingpaper Ø 125 mm  
1 offset face spanner  
1 hexagon socket wrench, SW 4  
1 hexagon socket wrench, SW 5 long  
3 cable clips
Thông số kỹ thuật
Max. back-up pad diameter 125 mm
No load speed 600-2100 rpm
Power input 1400 watt
Power output 880 watt
Tool fixture M 14
Dimensions (L x W x H, including extraction hood) 370x170x140 mm
Weight 2,6 kg

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Phụ kiện
» Inox-Set

Set for processing metal surfaces for the SUPRAFLEX. Consisting of: 1 carrying case TK-L BoB-1, 1 case insert accessory TKE 4xD130/ 1x135x295, 3 sheets of velcro sandpaper CORKFLEX, grit sizes P 280, P 400, P 800, 10 sheets of velcro sandpaper CERAFLEX K 80, K 120, K 180, 1 SC fleece disc in coarse, medium, very fine, 1 hard felt pad, 1 soft felt pad, 1 clamping flange CF SE 14-2, 1 clamping nut.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 set 393.428

» Paint-Set

Set for processing painted surfaces for the SUPRAFLEX. Consisting of 1 carrying case TK-L BoB-1, 1 case insert accessories TKE 4xD130/1x135x295, 10 sheets of velcro sandpaper ZIRCOFLEX, grit sizes A 40, A 60, A 80, 10 sheets of velcro sandpaper SELECTFLEX P 120, P 180, 1 sheet of velcro sandpaper MESHFLEX A 100, A 280.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 set 393.436

» Stone-Set

Stone processing set for the SUPRAFLEX. Consisting of: 1 carrying case TK-L BoB-1, 1 case insert accessory TKE 4xD130/ 1x135x295, 1 diamond grinding pad, grit sizes 50, 100, 400, 800, 3000, 1 hard felt pad, 1 soft felt pad.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 set 393.444

» Carrying case box-on-box system

The carrying case system ensures order and utilises the space perfectly. Thanks to the elaborate inserts, the machines, accessories and consumables are clearly arranged. Simply attach the boxes – they lock automatically. Thanks to the innovative Duo-Click system, the boxes can be connected, stacked and quickly disconnected again. Rigid drill holes have been prepared for the use of a padlock. The boxes can be loaded up to 90 kg. Without insert.

FLEX ProduktfotoFLEX Produktfoto
Size ( W x L x H) QTY/PKG Weight Order no.
464 x 353 x 142 1 2,2 392.634
464 x 353 x 212 1 2,5 392.642

» Case insert

Suitable accessories insert for carrying case TK-L BoB-1 392.634.

QTY/PKG Order no.
1 392.243

Suitable insert for carrying case TK-L BoB-2 392.642. For the SUPRAFLEX SE 14-2 125.

QTY/PKG Order no.
1 392.235

» Natural fibre felt pad

Ideally suited for polishing stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, wood surfaces, mineral-based materials, paints, glass, acrylic glass (in conjunction with the correct polishes/agents and oils for sealing and care).

FLEX ProduktfotoFLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Type QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø soft 5 393.355
125 Ø hard 5 393.347

» Diamond grinding pad

For use with velcro grinding disc 125 Ø. Grinding pads for dry grinding, a great advantage in the repair and renovation areas. Suitable for grinding and polishing granite worktops, fine stoneware tiles, floor tiles, concrete surfaces in the field of vision, natural stone on windowsills, cover panels, sculptures, steps.

FLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø 50 1 382.817
125 Ø 100 1 382.825
125 Ø 200 1 382.833
125 Ø 400 1 382.841
125 Ø 800 1 382.868
125 Ø 1500 1 382.876
125 Ø 3000 1 382.884
125 Ø 10000 1 382.965

» Velcro sandingpaper ZIRCOFLEX

Ideally suited for high removal rates and high load on wood and metal substrates. The support fabric is extremely tear-resistant and is characterised by high cost-effectiveness. Can be used with velcro pad max. Ø 125 mm.

FLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø A 40 25 393.185
125 Ø A 60 25 393.193
125 Ø A 80 25 393.207

» Velcro sandingpaper CERAFLEX

Ideal for sanding stainless steel surfaces and grinding weld seams. The support fabric is extremely tear-resistant. Low heat generation and longer service life ensure high cost-effectiveness. Can be used with Velcro pad max. Ø 125 mm.

FLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø K 80 50 393.215
125 Ø K 120 50 393.223
125 Ø K 180 50 393.231

» Velcro sandingpaper CORKFLEX

Ideal for deep cleaning the surface, the cork accessory provides a greater gloss and better haptics. Fine sanding tool with coarse structure and stable fabric base. Reduces heat generation on the surface and 3 times longer service life than comparable sanding tools. Can be used with velcro pad max. Ø 125 mm.

FLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø P 280 15 393.258
125 Ø P 400 15 393.266
125 Ø P 800 15 393.274

» Velcro backing pad

With 8-hole system for optimum dust extraction for all FLEX velcro sanding tools Ø 125 mm. The 3 mm cellular rubber damping reduces the shearing forces between support pad and sanding tool. Thanks to long velcro hooks, there is greater temperature resistance at a high load.

FLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø 1 391.727

» Dust guard with pivoting edge segment

Enables you to work near edges at maximum extraction power. Tool-free height adjustment via clamping lever allows quick adjustment of the extraction hood to the tool height.

FLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø 1 393.363

» Brush ring

Brush ring for dust extraction hood - contains two segment parts.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 394.076

» Side handgrip

Side handle, thread M 8.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 391.581

» Clamping flange

For use with flap sanding discs Ø 125 mm.

QTY/PKG Order no.
1 393.371

» Adapter

Suitable for suction hoses using the FLEX clip system. Anti-static design.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 393.398

» Antistatic suction hose

Antistatic suction hose Ø 32 mm x 4 m with snap coupling and coupling bush for vacuum cleaner incl. universal adapter SAD C25-32 AS (320.188) antistatic.

FLEX Produktfoto
QTY/PKG Order no.
1 354.953

» Velcro sanding paper SELECTFLEX

Ideally suited to redevelopment, renovation and modernisation, especially for working paints, varnishes, stopping, filler.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
D125 Se-P40/50 125 Ø P 40 50 380.520
D125 Se-P60/50 125 Ø P 60 50 380.539
D125 Se-P80/50 125 Ø P 80 50 380.547
D125 Se-P100/50 125 Ø P 100 50 380.555
D125 Se-P120/50 125 Ø P 120 50 380.563
D125 Se-P150/50 125 Ø P 150 50 380.571
D125 Se-P180/50 125 Ø P 180 50 380.598
D125 Se-P220/50 125 Ø P 220 50 380.601
D125 Se-P320/50 125 Ø P 320 50 380.628
D125 Se-P400/50 125 Ø P 400 50 380.636

» Velcro sanding paper PURFLEX

Ideally suited to working wood and metal.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
D125 Pu-P40/50 125 Ø P 40 50 380.644
D125 Pu-P60/50 125 Ø P 60 50 380.652
D125 Pu-P80/50 125 Ø P 80 50 380.660
D125 Pu-P100/50 125 Ø P 100 50 380.679
D125 Pu-P120/50 125 Ø P 120 50 380.687
D125 Pu-P150/50 125Ø P 150 50 380.695
D125 Pu-P180/50 125 Ø P 180 50 380.709

» Velcro sanding fleece MESHFLEX

Ideally suited to roughing, cleaning, degreasing, matt finishing on all materials.

FLEX Produktfoto
Designation Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
D125 Me-100/5 125 Ø A 100 5 380.717
D125 Me-280/5 125 Ø A 280 5 380.725
D125 Me-1500/5 125 Ø S 1500 5 380.733

» SC-Fleece velcro backed disc

For removing minor damage, scratches, tarnish, flash rust, scale and dirt. Removing tarnish at welds without heat distortion at thin plates. For grinding, cleaning and finishing stainless steel, steel, titanium alloys, light metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

FLEX ProduktfotoFLEX ProduktfotoFLEX Produktfoto
Dimensions in mm Grit QTY/PKG Order no.
125 Ø coarse 10 358.614
125 Ø medium 10 358.622
125 Ø very fine 10 358.630

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